Chris Hemsworth Lands The Lead In Steven Spielbergs’ ‘Robopocalypse’

He’s certainly the Aussie with the golden touch, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (critics loved it), THOR (audiences and critics loved it), SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN (the box office loved it) and THE AVENGERS (well everyone everywhere loved it) – Chris Hemsworth is one hell of an Aussie find. Well now he’s landed the lead in probably the most ambitious Hollywood production – Steven Spielberg”s ROBOPOCALYPSE! THis picture is so large scale that it’s taken both Dreamworks and Twentieth Century Fox to co-finance it.

ROBOPOCALYPSE is about the race for survival as man is overcome by a robot uprising! This is Spielberg return to live action large scale popcorn fare and man we’ve been waiting!

My thanks to JUST JARED for the pic