Aza’s 2 Line Review – The Sitter (2011) – This Is A Subversive Tourette’s Version Of ‘Adventures In Babysitting’. A Foul Mouthed Oddity.

This ‘reboot’ of ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING (or NIGHT ON THE TOWN as it was known in Australia) sets the bar pretty low when it starts by opening with Jonah Hill giving head to some blonde random who won’t reciprocate as she complains of a sore stomach. That abrasive, in your face comedy is the hook that THE SITTER really uses to set itself apart from the source but also makes it another one of the same sort of comedies of recent Apatow-lite comedies.

The 3 kids are horrific which makes the film kinda odd, they are all so wildly insane and totally unlikeable that it puts a rather intriguing bent on it. There’s a morbid curiosity in watching what they’re gonna do next. A weird kinda darkness under the overt, foul mouthed comedy is alive and well here. It’s amoral but that’s the key to it all, a – depending on whether you can keep laughing at it will measure whether you enjoy it or not.

The basic plot, 20 something Jonah babysits 3 kids so his mum can go out. His “girlfriend” rings and promises him sex if he can bring her some cocaine to a party. So the 3 kids and Jonah jump in a Mini Van and head into the city.

THE SITTER releases this month in AUSTRALIA on all formats.