Aussie Weekend Box Office Round Up July 12 – 15, 2012 (No Stoppin’ Ted)

You know, what would a Sunday be without a box office round up from ye Olde Azoisees? (kicks leg, flicks hair, grr argh!) It’d be pretty sucky wouldn’t it? Well I’m not gonna let you down – and neither is TED. We’ve already launched the WELTERWEIGHT MA RATED TOP DOG bout between THE HANGOVER PART TWO & TED for the highest grossing MA title in AUSTRALIA and I tell you what TED is certainly fighting his way through. The film grossed $2.2m for Saturday and the four day weekend gross will land in around $6.8m to bring it’s season haul to a gargantuan $24m (I predicted $25m by wednesday and at this rate it’ll swing past that tomorrow and hit $27m by thursday). From here TED will knockout THE HANGOVER PART TWO ($32.64m) in less than two weeks if it can hold on and not get mauled by THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. What a f*cking amazing result!


3D ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT holds on the 2nd place to see out the school holiday weekend with a $4m 4 day weekend. This brings the fourth entry to a running total of $23.2m and from here the film should finish its run in the $27m range for Australia. A terrific result for a 2 week window to generate business. Rest assured you can expect a fifth entry in the series to be announced soon with that $40m+ opening weekend in the States that just happened. There’s plenty of life left in this franchise.



3D THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN takes out 3rd place with a $3.8m 4 day weekend to bring its season gross to $13.9m, from here the film should be able to land in that $18-$19m range for the season but it has the hardest challenge ever ahead of it from Thursday when THE DARK KNIGHT RISES opens. Spidey has always been a softer (but still solid) franchise in this market whereas BATMAN has always been a sure fire hit. The battle to maintain sessions and presence is one as the cowl versus the unitard from Thursday.



3D BRAVE rallied really well Friday and Saturday virtually doing the same business from last weekend to keep its grip on 4th place. Strong word of mouth and a wall of in season advertising (go Disney!) has kept our fire haired girl in the top 4 since opening. Form here has the film squarely aimed at a $16m finish and that ain’t bad at all!




E1/HOPSCOTCH’s period dramedy HYSTERIA released on a whopping 81 screens and delivered a $335k weekend. That’s a massive release strategy for an upscale film but great to see it come in the top ten. Maintaining sessions will be key to holding the film and you’ll see the major upscale locations really perform with this title (suburban arthouses, affluent crossover suburban locations) and the more mainstream sites die off in the next 10 days. Good on E1/HOP for giving it a go and encouraging the market to something a bit different. What will happen here is a prime example of a natural market correction, the weak will die off and the strong will survive in quick fashion.



EROS’ Bollywood release COCKTAIL opened in fine form on 16 screens to take out 10th place with $160k – $10k per house ain’t half bad! (4th highest screen average in the country) Like all Bollywood releases, these results are rush outs as the market is so specific and so small that the longevity for a long running season rarely happens.




ICON’s Aussie release NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN took out 11th spot with a weekend haul of $150k. In recent months ICON have been the only distribution house, outside of ROADSHOW, that has opened Australian films to a solid result (A FEW BEST MEN, ORANGES & SUNSHINE) and they haven’t been silly here with a 46 print release strategy. They’ve kept it tight and suburban focussed where the film plays strongest. Here’s to hoping this Ryan Kwanten starrer can maintain sessions this week to keep the Aussie Flag Flyin’ until THE SAPPHIRES gets here in 3 weeks!




1. TED – UNI – Week 2 – $6.8m – cume $24m (forecast $35m)

2. 3D ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT – FOX – Week 3 – $4m – cume $23.2m (forecast $27m)

3. 3D THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – SON – Week 2 – $3.8m – cume $13.9m (forecast $19m)

4. 3D BRAVE – DIS – Week 4 – $1.9m – cume $14.4m (forecast $16m)

5. SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN – UNI – Week 4 – $1.5m – cume $18.1m (forecast $21m)

6. 3D KATY PERRY: PART OF ME – PAR – Week 2 – $630k – cume $2.5m (forecast $3m)

7. THE THREE STOOGES – FOX – Week 3 – $570k – cume $3.1m (forecast $3.8m)

8. HYSTERIA – E1/HOP – Week 1 – $335k – cume $415k (forecast $2m)

9. 3D PROMETHEUS – FOX – Week 6 – $170k – cume $18.3m (forecast $18.8m)

10. COCKTAIL – ERO – Week 1 – $160k – cume $160k (forecast $300k)

Figures from RENTRAK