The Fantastic Four Set To Get Rebooted Over At Fox!

This is good news for the F4 fans and cinema goers alike cause if you were anything like me I couldn’t work out whether FANTASTIC FOUR RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER was actually a film or FANTASTIC FOUR RISE OF THE OVERABUNDANCE OF PRODUCT PLACEMENT? Add to that the cartoonish spectacle of it and it just kinda frazzled.

We be frazzled no more as 20TH CENTURY FOX are headed back to the world of FANTASTIC FOUR in a big way and they’ve got CHRONICLE creator Josh Trank on board to direct. It’s all big ticks from me on this one. CHRONICLE was indeed a big surprise at how much fun and thrilling it was – so guys put this reboot on your meter – don’t write it off! Just remember what they did with X-MEN FIRST CLASS – now there’s a cracker of a moofie!