New Trailers – The Making Of Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ – By Spike Lee

Well it’s been 25 years since that gutbusting blockbuster of an album released and the one and only Spike Lee has made a documentary on the making of the iconic album. (It’s got my fave MJ track on it – MAN IN THE MIRROR). Here’s a bit more on the project:

The project marks the first ever in-depth, behind the scenes film project to chronicle a Michael Jackson album, and is being filmed amid the 25th anniversary celebration of the iconic album, record-breaking world tour and groundbreaking short films that changed music history. The documentary features over 40 interviews conducted personally by Spike Lee with Michael’s confidants, choreographers, musicians and other collaborators who collectively unveil the real story of this “coming of age” project through their vivid recollections of what it was like to work day in and day out and live this project with Michael. BAD’s lasting influence is captured through interviews with some of today’s top artists, including Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Cee Lo Green and Sheryl Crow, who was a back-up singer on the BAD tour. – official synopsis.

No word as yet when the film will surface in Australia but keep your eyes on the team at SONY for more!

I’ve also included MJ’s Grammy performance of MAN IN THE MIRROR which still gives me goosebumps to this day!