New Trailer – Crave (Josh Lawson, Emma Lung, Edward Furlong & Ron Perlman)

Mad for a bit of Aussie action on screen and young THANK GOD YOU’RE HERE alumni Josh “My Older Brother Dave Is Flat Out Awesome” Lawson (okay no-one will get that joke bar me and the people that know Dave) who recently headlined ANY QUESTIONS FOR BEN? is back with local Aussie Emma Lung for a bit of thriller action. Here’s the official synopsis and jump on ocver to facebook and like this puppy!

Aiden (Josh Lawson) craves a better life. A life away from his gruesome job as a crime scene photographer, working alongside his detective friend Pete (Ron Perlman). A meaningful life where he can escape the hard streets of Detroit, fall in love with the perfect woman and save the world from evil. As Aiden’s dark fantasies begin to invade his reality, he meets Virginia (Emma Lung), a younger woman with her own dilemmas and desires. Estranged from her deadbeat boyfriend Ravi (Edward Furlong,) Virginia explores an uncertain relationship with Aiden, who becomes increasingly emboldened to live out his vigilante fantasies. But as Virginia is faced with the disturbing truth about Aiden’s inner life, he unwittingly starts down a dangerous path blurring fantasy and reality into actions that could have devastating consequences for himself and everyone around him.