Gersey Are Back! An Aussie Institution Are Whipping Up A New Album!

There are bands and there are bands. Then there’s Gersey. This Melbourne outfit have been making music for the best part of 20 years (probably more) and their 3 albums HOPE SPRINGS, STORMS DRESSED AS STARS and NO SATELLITES have all garnered both critical and commercial praise.

They’re also one of the most relentlessly dedicated touring bands in the Australian Indy music scene and are well known for how frikkin’ awesome they are live. Add to that, the lads are four of the nicest blokes in town. (I got very lucky to meet ’em – I’m a big big fan! – and they’re the epitome of why Australian music is so damn awesome!)

Well the boys are back and they’re recording (almost finished so I hear!) and if you have some time on your hands check em out – here’s their pozible page link if you wanna pitch in and check out these couple of vids of their stuff.

Here’s their website

Ladies & Gents I invite you to meet Cranny, Bradie, Davis, Tulen & Jackson… GERSEY!


and this is my favourite GERSEY classic…