Aza’s 2 Line Review – Hors Les Murs (Beyond The Walls) – A French Canadian Wannabe ‘Weekend’. And It Misfires Completely.

Andrew Haigh’s WEEKEND, one of my favourite films of this year, took a contemporary gay relationship and made it accessible for wider audiences. BEYOND THE WALLS tries desperately to do the same thing but for me misses the mark entirely.

This dour, whiney, unbelievable relationship movie just makes you hate the central characters – one of whom is a consistently fragile, whiny spoilt brat (Malliarakis) and the other one is the ‘I’m the tough guy’ wannabe macho prick (Gouix). Neither of them are likeable or redeemable and, of course, they both wind up miserable in the end.

This got good notices in festivals where it played and maybe I got a bit spoilt by Andrew Haigh’s deeply affecting film but this did nothing for me. I found this whole experience boring and ugly.

BEYOND THE WALLS currently is unreleased in AUSTRALIA