U.S. Box Office Weekend Round Up – Look Out Here’s Something ‘Amazing’ Spider-man!

Well I did say $125m opening week in the U.S. for 3D THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN which, in of itself is a staggering result, but no the webslinger is set to come home on around the $140m for the opening week and a $65m opening weekend. Yep that trilogy idea is a good one given the massive response to the film in the States.

TED, in week 2, held out 2nd place with a $37m weekend result. It’s a great hold for the comedy that continues to astound worldwide with its performance.  Following that is the sterling hold of BRAVE for 3rd which is poised to take $24m for the weekend. It’s set to crack $180m in the coming days for its lifetime gross there.

MAGIC MIKE held it’s own for  a $17.5m 2nd weekend for 4th place and held off R Rated newcomer SAVAGES which took 5th on a $15m gross. SAVAGES went out of 2,600+ screens.

The biggest loser here is 3D KATY PERRY: PART OF ME which opened on 2,700+ screens and scored $11.8m for the weekend – that’s on more screens than SAVAGES, is a PG against a R and has 3D on it (inflated ticket prices) and still couldn’t beat it. The film has been soft in every territory where its opened.

Figures courtesy of Deadline and Rentrak

1. The Amazing Spider-Man (Columbia/Sony) Week 1 [4,318 Theaters] PG13
Friday $21M, Weekend $65M, Cume $140M

2. Ted (Universal) Week 2 [3,256 Theaters] R
Friday $11.3M (-45%), Weekend $36M, Cume $122.0M

3. Brave (Pixar/Disney) Week 3 [3,891 Theaters] PG
Friday $7.2M, Weekend $24.0M, Cume $178.3M

4. Magic Mike (Warner Bros) Week 2 [3,120 Theaters] R
Friday $6.2M (-68%), Weekend $18.5M, Cume $75.7M

5. Savages (Universal) NEW [2,628 Theaters] R
Friday $5.2M, Weekend $15M

6. Madea’s Witness Protection (TPerry/Lionsgate) Week 2 [2,161 Theaters]
Friday $3.6M (-64%), Weekend $11.7M, Cume $47.3M

7. Katy Perry: Part Of Me (Insurge/Paramount) Week 1 [2,730 Theaters] PG
Friday $3.0M, Weekend $8.7M, Cume $11.8M

8. Madasgascar 3 (DreamWorks Anim/Paramount) Week 5 [2,861 Theaters] PG
Friday $2.3M, Weekend $7.5M, Cume $195.8M

9. Moonrise Kingdom (Fox Searchlight) Week 6 [884 Theaters] PG13
Friday $1.3M, Weekend $4.6M, Cume $26.8M

10. To Rome With Love (Sony Classics) Week 3 [Theaters] R
Friday $1.0M, Weekend $3.5M, Cume $5.2M