Aza’s Half Year Down Top 6’s – Films, TV Shows, Albums, Games

Ahh what a 6 months it has been and what a plethora of cinematic nonsense has forged the screens. And for me here’s my top 6 of the year so far!

1. THE AVENGERS – I loved it. I was a cracking good time. It’s everything a big super silly block buster should be with a great big dirty Hulk in it too.




2. WEEKEND – The little film that could. If you haven’t seen it then you’re missing out. A lovely love story that defies its genre. Winner.




3. THE RAID – The best action movie since DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE




4. THE CABIN IN THE WOODS – This is a deliriously good time. So completely Whedon and off the wall. Big ticks!




5. CAFE DE FLORE – An intoxicating french drama that bedazzled the bejesus out of me.




6. HEADHUNTERS – A rip roaring totally outrageous thriller that’s getting a U.S. do-over. Don’t miss it!




Honourable Mentions: The Grey, A Separation, Take This Waltz, Hugo

And as we hit the box the top of the shops for me are:

1. GAME OF THRONES – Well of course. It’s the best show ever made.




2. BREAKING BAD – Ok so I watched the 4th season this year so it counts! Get into it – it rocks!




3. Q & A – ABC’s flagship panel show. A must for anyone who wants to talk what’s on Australia’s mind




4. SOUTH PARK – Ok so I missed like 15 seasons of it but THE HUMAN CENTIPAD has to be one of the funniest episodes of any show ever.




5. EASTBOUND & DOWN – Kenny Powers in you we trust




6. JUSTIFIED – Anything that has Timothy Olyphant in it deserves a mention and this shows a cracker.




So groovin’ to the tunes for this six months these are the albums that I had on high rotation

1. M83 – HURRY UP, WE’RE DREAMING – The flat out best album of the year. I can’t see anything topping this atmospheric ride! A work of art!




2. OCEANIA – THE SMASHING PUMPKINS – An unashamed nutbag fan – this is the best thing Corgan has done since Mellon Collie.. I’m pretty sure I said that before?




3. SIGUR ROS – VALTARI – More intoxicating, impassioned soundscapes about here from the Icelandic boys. Not a huge stretch for them, but a fabulous album nonetheless




4. QBO – ANGEL CAIDO This Mexican rock outfit deliver the goods again with this crunchier, heavier album. Catchy choruses and strong riff work make QBO one of the easiest Mexican rock acts to get into.




5. THE JEZABELS – PRISONER – Yeah the album is from last year and they are coma-inducing live (I call them the Jezabores) but the album is sensational and they will forever stay locked in my head and may I never see them live again.




6.METALLICA – DEATH MAGNETIC/BEYOND MAGNETIC – Yeah its from 2008, but it still kicks ass and the bonus 4 track EP re-instilled a lot of faith after the abortion that was last years LULU.




And hitting ye olde console town what did Aza funbags play this year!?!

1. BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY – Almost flawless




2. UNCHARTED 3: DRAKE’S DECEPTION – Magnificent stuff





3. KINGDOMS OF AMALUR: RECKONING – Role playing hack n slash fun with Todd MacFarlane





4. DEAD ISLAND – What can I say, rampaging zombies, rusty pipe. What’s not to love?





5. DIABLO 3 – Ahh baby welcome back!





6. DEAD SPACE 2 – Yeah it’s an oldie but damn fun to play!