Aza’s 2 Line Review – Ted – He’s One Funny F*cken Bear Alright! Mark Wahlberg’s Comedic Chops Are A Winner!

TED really should’ve only been a one joke party. The premise reads like it. The trailer plays to it. But somehow TED manages to keep the laughs a coming from all directions all the way through the film without relying on its hook. Yeah sure TED is foul mouthed, devious and irresponsible but as the film treks along it does have a huge of heart and plenty of comedic fodder from areas you won’t expect coming.

For me, it wasn’t so much the stellar animation work and vocal work on TED that won, it was Mark Wahlberg who gets to stretch his comedic legs here and in many of the sequences he is absolutely hilarious. Thanks to TED and CONTRABAND, Mark Wahlberg is probably the most bankable star working in Hollywood right now. Mila Kunis holds her own, she has a fabulous screen presence (she’s an absolute fox as well) and she plays of Wahlberg with such effortlessness it’s so easy to watch. And Ted himself, well yeah he’s just Peter Griffin with the swearing lasso taken off.

TED is a lot of fun, sincerely, lots of fun. The flair of MacFarlane’s wacky humour is in full swing and although it’s not as rapid fire as say FAMILY GUY or AMERICAN DAD! (though it’s totally unfair to compare them) the only shackle, if you’d even call it that, is the very familiar storyline that these characters are attached to. But that’s not even worth mentioning considering the hijinx that go on and the loads of fun that everyone in this are having.

TED is definitely worth checking out.

TED releases in AUSTRALIA on JULY 5, 2012 through UNIVERSAL PICTURES