Peter Pan Is Coming To Television – ‘The League Of Pan’

20TH CENTURY FOX TELEVISION and IMAGINA TV are teaming up to bring THE LEAGUE OF PAN to television. In light of the extraordinary reactions to fantasy and genre shows such as ONCE UPON A TIME, TRUE BLOOD, GAME OF THRONES and THE GOOD WIFE (kidding!) FOX are getting in on the game with this new re-imagining of the lost boys from Neverland

The League Of Pan, a fairytale-themed drama series that takes on the story of Peter Pan. Based on an idea by up-and-coming writer Brian McCauley Johnson, League Of Pan is described as a re-imagining of the Peter Pan mythology. Set in modern day, it centers around the Lost Boys and takes place 10 years after they’ve left Neverland. – Nellie Andreeva, Deadline

Well grab my fairy dust and Tink my furry ass outta here PAN’S COMIN’ BACK!!!