Disney/Pixar’s Brave Is A Big Big Hit In The U.S.! Abraham Lincoln Cops It In The Neck!

With a $25m opening day on Friday in the States BRAVE is set to rake in $70m for it’s opening weekend. That’s a magnificent opening for the film and the last picture to open like that was DR SUESS’ THE LORAX earlier this year! The film, which also opened here in Australia last Thursday to a weekend gross of about $2.5m (we’re not on holidays like the U.S.), has dominated the U.S. box office. It should also be noted that every 3D Pixar movie released to date has grossed well over $60m in it’s opening weekend so this one has been particularly strong in it’s massive 4000+ screen bow.


Not such good news for the other 3D opener in the States this weekend with 3D ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER looking to come in at around the $17-$18m mark for the 3 days. Fox’s new summer tentpole was really struggling in its tracking leading up to the release, what with products like MADAGASCAR, SNOW WHITE, BRAVE etc all smashing the market. The genre mash up, which in of itself as an extremely high concept outing, couldn’t crack $1m in its midnight screenings so things weren’t boding well for it’s opening weekend. That being said though, the film has outperformed ROCK OF AGES and THAT’S MY BOY opening weekends and those latter films had big name cast in them.


After JOHN CARTER, BATTLESHIP, ROCK OF AGES and THAT’S MY BOY all flopping – studios are now, more than ever, really watching what they are doing when it comes to summer tentpoles – TRANSFORMERS 4’s budget has been reduced, THE LONE RANGER also had to shrink it budget. The market is definitely changing and it seems audiences might be a bit more discerning these days when it comes to effects heavy vehicles and one trick pony plots.