Aussie Weekend Box Office Round Up Thurs June 21 – Sun June 24, 2012

This weekend was all about the 2 major new openers – everything else was pretty damn soft at the Aussie Box Office – but this is par for the course when you are about to head into School Holiday Bonanza time!

No surprises here that SNOW WHITE dominated the box office this weekend, the campaign from the team at Universal has been outstanding! Much like the U.S. opening weekend result, SNOW WHITE blitzed the competition to rake in a $6 million opening weekend here in Oz. That firmly sets the picture up to gross $20m at least locally with the school holidays about to start! What a result!


3D BRAVE saddled into number 2 with a very respectable $3.5m which the bulk if came form Saturday Sunday. Expect the hold on this to be really strong and it should eclipse itself this time next weekend as holidays kick into full gear. It faces stiff competition though as 3D ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT hits Australia on Thursday.




3D PROMETHEUS has really pulled up now with a weekend gross of $1.5m, a good weekend and bringing its season haul to $15.5m. With the wall of holiday fare on the horizon and a slew of more 3D product in the mix the film should finish its run on around the $19m. It’s going to be a shit fight for sessions this week but PROMETHEUS should hopefully hold out a bit longer!




Which is more than can be said for THAT’S MY BOY that’s gone into free fall in week two coming in at $800k and bringing the gross to $2.7m. The film will be decimated from cinema screens unless the mighty crew at SONY can pull one out of the hat. Though I’d bet they’d be happy to call it stumps as they’ve got that big web slinger right around the corner! THAT’S MY BOY is the worst performing Adam Sandler led comedy and should finish its run on $3.8m. That’s even less than last years much maligned JACK & JILL that did $5.6m.



And the biggest hurt has to be the collapse of ROCK OF AGES which fell apart in week 2. Still coming in 2nd best to THAT’S MY BOY, the film generated $790k in box office for the weekend to bring its cume to $2.56m. From there, with the fight for maintaining sessions will be on mega-high, ROCK OF AGES will finish on around $3.6m.

Other notables are the amazing resilience of WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING (7th) which has taken $7.42m to date in Australia, making us the highest performing territory for the film. THE AVENGERS is looking to knock over $53m (8th) before the end of it’s run as it heads into week 10 of release from Wednesday.

Surprise entries into the top ten are Madman’s A ROYAL AFFAIR which took out 9th place for a $160k cume. Also holding in the top ten is Hopscotch’s TAKE THIS WALTZ bringing in $99k for the weekend.

MARLEY, which released on 6 screens nationally, took in $31k.


1. SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN – UNI – Week 1 – $6.02m – cume $6.52m (forecast $21m)

2. 3D BRAVE – DIS – Week 1 -$2.5m – cume $3.5m (forecast $16m)

3. 3D PROMETHEUS – FOX – Week 3 – $1.5m – cume $15.5m (forecast $19m)

4. THAT’S MY BOY – SON – Week 2 – $800k – cume $2.7m (forecast $3.8m)

5. ROCK OF AGES – RDS – Week 2 – $790k – cume $2.56m (forecast $3.6m)

6. 3D MEN IN BLACK 3 – SON – Week 5 – $610k – cume $16.2m (forecast $17.1m)

7. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING – RDS – Week 4 – $460k – cume $7.42m (forecast $8m)

8. 3D THE AVENGERS – DIS – Week 9 – $303k – cume $52.55m (forecast $53.1m)

9. A ROYAL AFFAIR – MAD – Week 1 – $160k – cume $170k (forecast $500k)

10. TAKE THIS WALTZ – HOP – Week 2 – $99k – cume $280k (forecast $500k)

Figures from IBOE. Forecasts done internally.