New Clips – ‘Walk Away Renee’ – From The Director Of Tarnation

My Thanks to indiewire for the clips.

After dabbling in other projects (including music festival doc “All Tomorrow’s Parties” and the short film “All Flowers In Time” withChloë Sevigny), Caouette has returned to the well with “Walk Away Renee,” a sequel which follows the director and his mother as they road trip to her new home in a New York-based assisted-living facility. Things are complicated after the duo discovers that most of the Renee’s medication has been lost and the prescriptions cannot be replenished until they reach her new home.

‘Renee’ is an emotionally piercing documentary, one that continues the filmmaker’s dissertation on family while also pondering bigger ideas such as the reality of documented footage and even the existence of alternate universes. Below we have two clips from the film, one featuring a pleasurable stop in New Orleans, while the other is a more unsettling glimpse into Jonathan’s frantic conversations with doctors over his mother’s well being. – Christopher Bell, Indiewire