Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up June 14-17, 2012

Well it sure was a weekend of bloodletting at the Aussie Box Office with a wall of new releases hitting the market place, some of them high profile star power stuff, but none of them could assuage the staying power of PROMETHEUS. But it’s not all roses for PROMETHEUS either with its week on week drop in that 55% range. The picture held the competition at bay with a $3m weekend and bringing it’s gross to $13m domestically. A much higher drop is always expected on genre films, the fanboy rush outs all happen in the first week of release, thus inflating the opening gross. Stateside PROMETHEUS also had a massive drop hovering at a 60% recession week on week.


Newcomer THAT’S MY BOY, Adam Sandlers return to swearing profusely and making lots of dick jokes, managed to beat out ROCK OF AGES (an upset victory if ever there was one) to pull in $1.6m for the opening weekend. For an Adam Sandler vehicle that’s a very soft domestic result but it should be noted that the film went out on about 190 screens so you’re missing about 60 prints that a usual Sandler film would warrant. That’s two softies in a row for the star with JACK AND JILL also performing well under the standard Sandler box office hauls.


ROCK OF AGES landed 3rd place on it’s opening week on 238 screens with a $1.5m gross. That’s dead on pro rata with the United States where the film has underwhelmed as well. Reviewers en masse haven’t been kind to the film (42% rotten tomatoes) and it certainly wasn’t without a huge campaign – man I saw stuff for the film everywhere. Going into this week I would’ve assumed ROCK OF AGES to be the victor of the box office. With that cast, a proven track record from Director Adam Shankman and based on a Broadway Smash – who wouldn’t have?


Welcome to the $15m club 3D MEN IN BLACK 3 as you sit there and quietly achieve! Taking in $1.2m for the weekend the film is now sitting on a gross of $15.3m for its season and has surpassed U.S. pro rata. Aussies do love their Big Willie Style. Na na na na na na!

Special mentions to two limited releases that cracked the top 10 in their opening week. Hopscotch’s TAKE THIS WALTZ, the sophomore effort from Sarah Polley, has wrangled #9 off 16 prints nationally with a gross of $140k. Icon’s French Comedy LE CHEF took out 10th spot with a gross of $120k off 31 prints.

When you get results in the $100k mark that are hitting the top ten at the Aussie Box Office it’s a pretty quiet week in the business.

1. 3D PROMETHEUS – FOX – Week 2 – $3.2m – cume $13.2m (forecast $21m)

2. THAT’S MY BOY – SON – Week 1 – $1.6m – cume $1.6m (forecast $4.4m)

3. ROCK OF AGES – RDS – Week 1 – $1.5m – cume $1.5m (forecast $4.1m)

4. 3D MEN IN BLACK 3 – SON – Week 4 – $1.2m – cume $15.3m (forecast $19m)

5. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING – RDS – Week 3 – $990k – cume $6.7m (Forecast $7.2m)

6. 3D THE AVENGERS – DIS – Week 8 – $640k – cume $52.05m (forecast $53m)

7. THE DICTATOR – PAR – Week 5 – Week 5 – $317k – cume $13.4m (forecast $14m)

8. FRIENDS WITH KIDS – RDS – Week 2 – $220k – cume $1.05m (forecast $1.8m)

9. TAKE THIS WALTZ – EONE/HOP – Week 1 – $140k – cume $140k (forecast $650k)

10. LE CHEF – ICO – Week 1 – $120k – cume $120k (forecast $500k)

Figures from rentrak.