New Trailer – Not Suitable For Children (Ryan Kwanten)

This puppy premiered at Sydney Film Festival and here’s the official synopsis:

If your twenties is the party decade, then Jonah Reid (Ryan Kwanten) is one very high achiever. Impulsive and charismatic, Jonah lives in a crumbling inner-city share-house, surviving off the proceeds of the massive, anarchic house-parties he hosts every week with his best mate Gus (Ryan Corr). All financial considerations and life administration he outsources to fellow housemate Stevie (Sarah Snook).

In the wake of an unfortunate discovery during a one-night-stand, Jonah is diagnosed with testicular cancer. Assured that his life is not at risk, he is warned that his impending treatment will render him totally and permanently infertile.  A shell-shocked Jonah goes directly to the sperm bank in an effort to preserve his parenting future, but when his samples fail to freeze effectively, he is left with just one option for parenthood – natural conception. Within the next four weeks!

Suddenly the party maestro and has a convulsive shift in priorities. With paternal instincts firing, Jonah becomes determined to procreate before it’s too late. He barrels back to his ex-girlfriends – starting with Ava (Bojana Novakovic) – but after failing to convince her to drop her life and offer her womb, Jonah contacts just about every girl he has ever known (and some he doesn’t) before being given a reality check by Stevie.

Advising him to ditch the ex-girlfriend strategy and cut out the emotional complications, Stevie assesses his options with razor-sharp frankness, lining up candidates and brokering meetings. But as Stevie’s efforts as a ‘womb agent’ stall, and time ticks away … Jonah soon realises that the perfect candidate might be closer than anyone would think.