Sam Worthington’s Full Clip Productions Gets Its ‘Gallipoli’ Mini-Series Greenlighted. Shooting 2013.

Who would’ve thunk it? Old blue boy Greek Aussie Bogan God Killer Sam Worthington has a production company (big tick) and that he’s saddled himself up wtih Matchbox Pictures (Robert Connelly) and their making a GALLIPOLI mini series as we approach the 100 year anniversary since the Aussie faced the Turks on the battlefield. Foxtel Australia has financed the production and it’ll hit the TV waves in 2015.

Lowdowners I’m gonna set l’il Aza a challenge and try and get a bit part in it – I wanna be dead guy #23 – but being I am the biggest Aussie Bogan out here I reckon I’m a shoe in…

But in all seriousness its great to see such a big investment back into local productions! BRING IT ON!