Stephen King’s ‘It’ Headed To The Big Screen In Two Parts

What does Pennywise The Clown and Bilbo Baggins have in common? Well they are both characters in a single book that’s being split into 2 movies! (It & The Hobbit). Warner Bros has appointed Cary Fukunaga to direct the two IT films, which makes sense as the novel is a fairly dense read (It’s also King’s best work outside of The Stand). No news on production start or casting but I’ll be following this puppy from now on!

IT was made into a miniseries back in the 1990’s which saw Tim Curry shine as the demonic Pennywise The Clown. The mini-series itself was a mixed bag and the ending… Check out the trailer for it here. It’s worth renting for Tim Curry alone.

“We All Float Down Here, Georgie, We All Float…”