Aza’s 2 Line Review – The Divide – A Post Apocalyptic Cabin Fever. Now With More Brutality.

Xavier Gens (Frontiers, Hitman) is a director whose work is splattered with gore so going into THE DIVIDE I was well aware there was gonna be some pretty ugly scenes held within. And, indeed, there were. The whole thing takes place in an apartment building basement where a group of survivors must stay alive without killing each other, succumbing to cabin fever or starving to death.

Gens does his best with the material, which moves from an uncomfortable sense of dread to claustrophobic mayhem in wild fashion, and perhaps with some stronger performances and less hard core graphic violence there’d have been more notice given to the film. Michael Biehn is hilariously over the top, Courtney B Vance is serviceable and Milo Ventimiglia is hysterical. Rosanna Arquette does her ‘space cadet’ Rosanna Arquette with the usual semi-vacant charm that she’s nailed throughout her career.

There is an overbearing sense of nihilism that’s running through this as well – that feeling of inescapable helplessness that some may struggle to endure for the 1o4 minutes of its length. But if you can there are plenty of unintentional laughs and orgiastic violence here to keep you shock jockeys happy.

THE DIVIDE is a direct to home entertainment release in AUSTRALIA and is out now on DOWNLOAD, BLU RAY and DVD.