New Trailer & Clip – Saturday Morning Massacre (A Scooby Doo Like Horror Film)

Oh Em Gee! Scooy Doo live action type hard core horror film!!!!

Official Synopsis: A team of amateur paranormal investigators struggle to make ends meet by debunking reports of supernatural incidents. With the group on the verge of bankruptcy, Nancy takes on a case involving rumors of suspicious disappearances and violent deaths linked with the abandoned Kyser schoolhouse. Discounting stories of satanic practices, the team proceeds, desperately chasing cash and the opportunity to encounter their lives’ mission – to catch a real ghost. On a tour guided by the local sheriff, the team learns of the schoolhouse’s gruesome past. Despite the sheriff’s advice to spend the night in a hotel, they decide to stay, set up their gear and prepare for nightfall. When the sun goes down, the truth comes out: the Kyser house might actually be haunted by sadistic spirits – or something even worse. Saturday Morning Massacre is a bloody parody of mystery cartoons and the consequences of meddling with the supernatural.