New Trailer – King Curling

This totally off the wall, hilarious flick is exactly why you should be looking to northern Europe for comedy. This film is hysterical and, in the vein of BLADES OF GLORY, has all the warped and offbeat humour you need to keep you giggling till the end!

Synopsis: Once a great curling-star, Truls Paulsen is diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and banned from competing. When he learns that his old friend, coach and father figure Gordon is deathly ill, Truls — now heavily medicated — decides to compete again. His goal is to win the prize money, to give Gordon his needed operation. Truls breaks free of his controlling wife, stops taking his medication and starts gathering his old teammates to bring Team Paulsen to victory.

The question is; will he be mentally stable enough to lead his team to new victory and save his old friend?