Aza’s 2 Line Review – Gone – The Most Irrationally Stupid Movie Of The Year. Flat Out Hilarious!

Logic be damned in GONE – a wannabe paranoid thriller about a woman (Amanda Seyfried) desperate to find her missing sister. The hook being she believes the sister has been kidnapped by her former attacker. There’s little in the way of anything every remotely interesting in the plot of this pedestrian thriller except for the profound leaps of utter ridiculousness in the dialogue.

None of the characters make any sense, all the actors are pretty much wasted throughout and while Amanda Seyfried runs around with a gun and wild paranoia trying to locate her sister it all seems to happen in the largest small town on earth. In one scene she is barking like a psycho crazy woman at a police officer then her phone rings, she turns around and is all calm and serene.Then she’s bribing kids with Justin Bieber tickets and stealing her best friends car?

The greatest asset this film has is having absolutely no sense of logic – none of the scenes are plausible nor well staged but it’s so silly that you can’t help but enjoy it for just how bad it is.

I laugh all the way through this. It is hysterical.

GONE releases on DOWNLOAD, BLU RAY and DVD on 27 JUNE, 2012