Aussie Box Office Round Up 4 Day Weekend May 31 – June 3, 2012

Not even a pack of pregnant celebrities could stop the MEN IN BLACK from keeping their 3rd run at the box office top of the shop taking in roughly $3.5m. The week on week drop off is not as savage as franchise pictures generally are – they’ll come in around 30% off last week. In a normal environment you’d expect the rush out and then a 2nd week fall in that 40%-50% range – but the rush out never really happened on this one and it’s nicely holding on!

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING came in 2nd on $2.4m which is roughly 22.85% pro rata of the U.S. opening weekend ($10.5m). Films like this will generally always perform stronger in Australia than the U.S. and this one has certainly maintained that reputation.

THE AVENGERS, #3 film all time global, takes in another $1.7m for the weekend and rolling it’s cume to $49m+. Boom! Boom! Boom! Although she’s certainly slowing down, the performance will also only be off around that 30% week on week. She should hit the big $50m Aus box by Thursday!

THE DICTATOR comes up 4th and gets another $1m into the kitty! That’ll take the film to $11.5m life so far and its dead on track to hit that $14m total gross we forecasted here on the lowdown a few weeks back. The film has outperformed the U.S. where the film is set to finish up at about $55m. That’s a 23.64% pro rata result – that’s fantastic!

GET THE GRINGO, Mel Gibson’s return to action, failed to fire at the Aussie Box Office this weekend. Coming in at around $350k for the 4 days the struggled to find an audience amidst the big players still smashing their way on our screens. All the reviews for the film are solid and yeah it can be assumed that the out-of-film antics might play a part here. Been a bit of a 1-2 punch for old Mel with the highly underrated THE BEAVER also having a modest result.

1. 3D MEN IN BLACK 3 – SON – Week 2 -$3.5m – cume $10m (forecast $16m)

2. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING – RDS – Week 1 – $2.4m – (forecast $6m)

3. 3D THE AVENGERS – DIS – Week 6 – $1.7m – cume $49.1m (forecast $52m)

4. THE DICTATOR – PAR – Week 3 – $1m – cume $11.5m (forecast $14m)

5. DARK SHADOWS – RDS – Week 4 – $711k – cume $9.7m (forecast $11m)

6. GET THE GRINGO – ICO – Week 1 – $350k – (forecast $900k)

7. THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT – UNI – Week 5 – $190k – cume $6.3m (forecast $6.6m)

8. BEL AMI – EONE/HOP – Week 1 – $170k – cume $560k (forecast $820k)

9. THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL – FOX – Week 11 – $150k – cume $20.6m (forecast $20.9m)

10. SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN – RDS – Week 9 – $141k – cume $4m (forecast $4.1m)

figures from rentrak. Forecasts from moi.