‘Driven’ – The Sequel to ‘Drive’ is being developed into a film

Nicholas Winding-Refn’s DRIVE kinda knocked it out of the park when it rolled into cinemas last year. Not only did it cement Ryan Gosling as a leading man, it also garnered a wall of critical praise for its intensity and performances. Let’s also not forget the girl getting half her head blown off with a shotgun. Anyway moving on – well the film came from a book also called DRIVE (can you believe it) by James Sallis. Well Sallis has written a follow up called DRIVEN which has just published in the U.S.

Hot on the heels of the books release  word on a movie has come out via Sallis in an interview with The Independent. Here’s a bit about the new novel:

‘Well, the novel picks up seven years after the events of “Drive” and our hero is now living in Phoenix under the name Paul West, and he’s engaged to be married. However, when two goons attack him and his fiancée leaving her dead, Driver is forced to face his past and seek vengeance. [Insert cool electro soundtrack] “He is trying to suppress the violence – but the sequel shows the process of him accepting that this is who he is. He tries to become a normal person and re-invents himself. After his fiancée is killed, the violence is unleashed again,” Sallis explained. – the playlist

No word as yet if/and when the start date is or if Ryan Gosling will assume the role again but well keep an eye on this puppy!

Get ready for it boys and girls – the driver is set to drive again.