A Short Time To Come On A Playstation Far Far Away – STAR WARS 1313

 A new STAR WARS game is on the way – it’s an action adventure game where you play a bounty hunter and go on missions in the old republic. The tone and story appear to be darker than the generally pretty kid friendly pap that LucasArts puts out.My thanks to IGN for the image and here’ a bit of what they had to say about it!

Tonight LucasArts debuted the new Star Wars: 1313, a third-person action adventure game starring a bounty hunter stalking targets on the capital of the Republic, Coruscant. Billed as a “mature” Star Wars title, 1313 takes you deep into the seedy underworld of a densely populated planet, giving you access to an array of “exotic weaponry” in your quest to take down targets and “uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy.” – Anthony Gallegos – IGN

The game has just started development so flag it in your calendars for a year or so down the track!