Banned UK Gangster Flick ‘1 Day’ Getting A Guernsey At Edinburgh Film Festival

1 DAY, the UK gangster flick that as made in 2009 and banned for being quite incendiary, is getting dug out of the ether for a run at the Edinburgh Film Festival Indiewire is reporting. Here’s the synopsis:

Flash (Dylan Duffus) wakes up to a phone call from Angel (Yohance Watson) announcing that he’s being released and wants the £500,000 he’s left Flash for safekeeping. Flash is £100,000 short of the full amount and is pushed for time, Flash is forced to strike a deal with Evil (Duncan Tobias) who more than lives up to his name. 1 Day follows flash’s race against the clock as he’s pursued by a rival gang (The Zampa Boys), as Flash is part of OSC (Old Street Crew). He is also pressured by his three irate babymothers and his granny.

Written and directed by Penny Woolcock, who said that the film was inspired by a real-life incident she experienced, 1 Day didn’t sit well with some in the community, including the police department, whose Assistant Chief Constable accused the filmmaker of “glamorizing violence,” stating, “My starting-point is that it’s fiction, but I think you do see some glamorisation of gang-related behaviour. The main character walks off with £100,000, leaving behind a carnage of dead bodies. It’s like a shoot-out at the OK Corral.”  – tambay, Indie wire.

Check out the trailer attached.