Aza’s 2 Line Review – Diablo 3 – Keyboard Mashing Goodness Of The Kill Everything Kind. Welcome Home Old Friend

My online gaming tag is El Reigno Fucktardo – no relation to Nelly Furtado – in fact its only just now that I discovered they almost rhymed. But its true I am a reigning fucktard in gaming and by that I mean either I am really good at a game or really shit at it – there is no middle ground – and I will obsessively play a game until I beat it or throw the console out the window and into a group of passing school children. (The final lawsuit has finally been paid off – f*ck you NINJA GAIDEN).

DIABLO III was such good fun and so welcoming in how dense it is that I mashed my poor keyboard into an iPad. Its a gore fest, kill everything that moves, run around silly campaign game that you’ll just get sucked into! Go play it!

DIABLO III is out now on PC and MAC