Gettin’ Jiggy With It – A Look At The Box Office Powerhouse Of Will Smith in Australia

Will Smith, up until the cinematic conundrum that was SEVEN POUNDS in 2008 (2009 in Aus), was the worlds most bankable star. And by that I mean, he could headline any film, any genre and it would perform at the box office. For Australia he has been the only African American actor to be able to headline a film with his name on it to a $10m+ domestic box office result since 2002’s MEN IN BLACK 2. He was actually so reliable that, outside of the uncredited bit part in JERSEY GIRL, everything he was in was box office gold. His peak came in 2008 when the two films he headlined that year both grossed over $20m+ domestically in I AM LEGEND and HANCOCK. That phenomenon was just specific to Australia – he was gold across the globe.

After SEVEN POUNDS flatlined worldwide, WS has been very quiet up until now with MIB 3. But that’s all about to change with AFTER EARTH on the way, WINTER’S TALE, HANCOCK 2, BAD BOYS 3 and I, ROBOT 2 all in the pipeline. Yep the WILL SMITH franchise machine is back in full swing and you can expect to see a return to the top of the shop for him.

Check out the Box Office that is WILL SMITH in AUSTRALIA!


Date Film Aus Box Office
10/06/1993 Made In America $13,546,848
25/04/1995 Bad Boys $4,708,262
31/08/1995 Six Degrees Of Separation $2,282,426
02/07/1996 Independence Day $49,175,949
10/09/1997 Men In Black $22,789,539
07/01/1999 Enemy Of The State $8,185,019
09/09/1999 Wild Wild West $6,619,506
08/02/2001 Legend Of Bagger Vance $712,782
21/02/2002 Ali $6,824,858
03/07/2002 Men In Black 2 $17,619,149
18/09/2003 Bad Boys 2 $10,611,317
22/07/2004 I, Robot $12,684,908
12/08/2004 Jersey Girl $1,479,291
23/09/2004 Shark Tale $15,424,037
03/03/2005 Hitch $14,212,994
11/01/2007 Pursuit of Happyness $13,778,704
03/01/2008 I Am Legend $23,199,299
03/07/2008 Hancock $20,598,379
08/01/2009 Seven Pounds $5,884,629
24/05/2012 Men In Black 3 $13,000,000
Total Aus Box Office $263,337,896
Average Per Film $13,166,895
Average As Headliner $14,963,114

Boom! What an average! No other African American Actor can deliver those kind of numbers!

EDDIE MURPHY – $10,087,376


MORGAN FREEMAN – $6,558,341

Figures sourced from rentrak, boxofficemojo and IMDB.