Aza’s 2 Line Review – The Monster Squad (1987) – One Of The Movies That Made Me Love Movies. A Smart, Thrifty, Nifty, Witty, Unmissable Film

See back in the 80’s, where films really relied on setting tone and character, you really got a feel for the time and place in which those films existed. THE MONSTER SQUAD is one of these movies, small town america, industrious kids, a cavalcade of ghouls and a pop culture referencing script that I am sure Joss Whedon would count as an influence on his writing style.

This is an energetic family movie that doesn’t shy away from the origins of its big nasties, Dracula kills, the wolfman mauls, the mummy.. well does what a mummy does.. But this is all so tightly packed into it’s 82 minute runtime there’s no sub plots, there’s no erroneous mega-long explanations – it’s all on the go comedic thrills and wonder that ranks itself, for me, up there with GOONIES, E.T., GREMLINS and WHITE WATER SUMMER. Though this one doesn’t have the budgets of the aforementioned titles, it more than makes up for it in charm and over the top silliness.

There’s not one moment of this that I wasn’t enamoured by and they’ve been trying to get a remake off the ground for a while now. If you are a BUFFY nut then get your hot little hands on this because you’ll love it. It’s noisy, it’s rambunctious, it’s excitable, its chessy but most of all its a big big win for anyone who is a film fan!

THE MONSTER SQUAD is available on DVD in a 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION and shouldn’t be missed!