Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up May 24 – 27, 2012

WE DA MEN IN.. WE DA MEN IN … BLACK.. It’s been a decade since we last saw them, so every jaded film reviewer says in their opening line review on the film, and it’s the first time big Willy has been on the big screen since 2008’s SEVEN POUNDS and HANCOCK. The good news is the film has taken the #1 flag for the weekend and will finish the 4 days almost square on $5m. That’s a little bit soft for an opening weekend of a Will Smith vehicle, Stateside the movie is looking to finish it’s opening weekend on $75m so we’re about $2.5m short of pro rata, but take into consideration we’re out of school holidays and it’s not a rush out property anymore. I tend to forget the franchise has been asleep for a decade – so from that perspective it’s an okay result.

THE DICTATOR fell by about 50% week on week, standard for this type of film, and will come in at about $2.5m for the 4 day weekend – that’s bring its haul to $9.7m and it should take in a full week of around $3.4m and cume of $10.6m. The film is majorly kicking U.S. pro rata butt.

THE AVENGERS hangs on for another $2.2m weekend bring it’s cume to $46.7m, the film should finish the week around the $3.1m mark and cume $47.6m. This giant is starting to pull up now – it’s a GIGANTIC result – and what a feather in the cap for Disney.

BEL AMI, the Robert Pattinson DANGEROUS LIAISONS wannabe, was very soft for a $270k weekend off 102 prints. Its a big gamble HOPSCOTCH took on this title and being the TWILIGHT connection you couldn’t not go fairly wide with it – good on em for really giving this one a go. Outside of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS (Which I hazard a guess the Reece Witherspoon angle plays into it too), the only other film that Pattinson has headlined  – REMEMBER ME –  failed to fire. All eyes on COSMOPOLIS for it to be his TWILIGHT shackle breaker!

1. 3D MEN IN BLACK 3 – SONY – Week 1 – $5m – (forecast $13m)

2. THE DICTATOR – PAR – Week 2 – $2.5m – Cume $9.7m (forecast $14m)

3. 3D THE AVENGERS – DIS – Week 5 – $2.2m – Cume $46.7m (forecast $50m)

4. DARK SHADOWS – RDS – Week 3 – $1.2m – Cume $8.7m (forecast $11m)

5. THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT – UNI – Week 4 – $445k – Cume $6.2m (forecast $6.9m)

6. BEL AMI – E-ONE/HOP – Week 1 – $270k

7. THE WOMAN IN BLACK – RDS – Week 2 – $177k – Cume $687k (forecast $720k)

8. THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL – FOX – Week 10 – $175k – Cume $20.37m (forecast $20.7m)

9. THE WAY – UMB – Week 5 – $134k – Cume $940k (forecast $1.1m)

10. SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN – RDS – Week 8 – $125k – Cume $3.76m (forecast $4m)

Figures sourced from Rentrak and forecasted from me!