‘The Avengers’ Still Dominating The U.S. Box Office While ‘Battleship’ Struggles, ‘The Dictator’ Isn’t Commanding & ‘What To Expect..’ Doesn’t Deliver

What a wild weekend at the U.S. box office we’re in with what you could’ve happily thought would’ve been a strong weekend for BATTLESHIP to hit the #1 spot and have THE AVENGERS and THE DICTATOR to duke it out for #2 & #3 didn’t work out that way at all. In fact it’s quite the opposite – THE AVENGERS is looking to take in another $54m this weekend at the U.S. box office  to bring it’s domestic total to $454m, that’s gotta be a week 3 record weekend, and the ripple effect can be seen in the rest of the top ten.

BATTLESHIP is looking to sail into Monday with a $25m opening weekend, less than half of THE AVENGERS result, which is a little more modest than what you would’ve expected given the cast and campaign (reviews Stateside haven’t been kind – not that this sort of property benefits from reviews) which should see its life gross at the U.S. box office pull up around the $57m mark. Well under what it should have done. Great news for Australia is that we have smashed U.S. pro rata on the film – we’re about to crack $10m on the film and we should finish up at about 19.3% pro rata. (almost double the target!)

THE DICTATOR also suffered against the might of THE AVENGERS and will come in around the $23m for the weekend. When BRUNO opened it did $30.6m for its opening weekend and BORAT clocked in at $26.4m so in line with the other Sacha Baron Cohen entries it’s a bit under its average. Sacha Baron Cohen vehicles work much better internationally, for example here is Australia THE DICTATOR is #1 – knocking off THE AVENGERS from the top spot and looks to take in about $5.5m for the 5 day opening week its had so far. This sits Australia 23.91% pro rata – smashing it. THE DICTATOR should finish its theatrical run stateside on about $45m top end – Australia has already smashed that pro rata target and we should wind up at about $12m domestically.

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING absolutely fell apart at the U.S. box office this weekend and looks to finish its opening weekend on $11m. That will put it at finishing its full theatrical run at about $25m – considering it went out on more prints than THE DICTATOR and that name heavy cast this is a really big loss for Lionsgate. All is not lost though, these heavily female skew films never fire strongly in the U.S. and perform much better overseas – Australia will fare particularly well with a title like this. The film has been savaged by reviewers (22% on rotten tomatoes) and trying to get cut through against summer tentpoles like AVENGERS, BATTLESHIP and THE DICTATOR would’ve been extraordinarily tough. Australia opens on MAY 31, 2012.

Figures from Deadline. com