Kick Ass 2 Back On the Burner As Universal Starts Talking Production

The critical reaction to Matthew Vaughn’s KICK ASS was palpable and the film has since gone on to become a cult hit. The news of a sequel has been around for years but there’d been no official announcement by team Universal for a production start date. Well all that has just changed as Collider is reporting that Universal has hinted at an August production start date.

Matthew Vaughn has opted out of directing the follow up to his original, the man is tied up with X-MEN FIRST CLASS 2 or X-MEN SECOND CLASS or X-MEN CLASSLESS BUT HAPPY (who knows what title it’ll get!), so directing and scripting duties have landed with Jeff Wadlow (Cry_Wolf, Never Back Down). It reads that Wadlow has written the script and the idea being that Vaughn will come on board as producer.