Aussie Box Office Round Up Weekend May 3 – 6, 2012

No surprises this weekend that THE AVENGERS would dominate the box office – and didn’t it smash it!?! Cracking the $30m+ in 12 days is a record for Australia and now the game is on for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in JULY to swing in and kick its pantooty. (Remember that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is trailering all over THE AVENGERS so awareness will be juggernaut!) Such a great time to be in the cinema game! It’s very exciting.

THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT fared modestly with a $2m haul for the 4 days, in good news though it has beaten U.S. pro rata (which did $19m for the 3 days) and is kicking along at 10.5%. Much like the MARIGOLD/HUNGER GAMES, ENGAGEMENT is a clever counterprogramming decision from the top team at UNIVERSAL and the key will now be – can it hold on with WB’s DARK SHADOWS launching thursday?

THE LUCKY ONE and THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL held well for #3 and #4. The latter closing in on $19m!

ACT OF VALOUR – the U.S. marine special mission re-enactment movie, pretty much got bashed by THE AVENGERS to take 5th slot with $440k for the week off 150 prints. The crew behind this film is currently working on a bash em up dune buggy action flick!

Aussie Flick WISH YOU WERE HERE continues to hold good ground amidst a wall of limited release fare vying for space this week – with a $640k gross off 42  prints so far the film managed to beat out openers of DELICACY and KINGS OF DEVIL’S ISLAND.

Umbrella’s THE WAY is also holding strong with a running total of $380k off 35 prints, it too beat out the 2 new openers of DELICACY and KINGS (it needs to be noted that these films went out on 20 and 14 screens respectively) and had an impressive hold only falling 9% week on week. (The national average was -28% week on week).

1. THE AVENGERS – DIS – Week 2 – $8.1m – cume $31m (forecast $47m)

2. THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT – UNI – Week 1 – $1.96m (forecast $4m)

3. THE LUCKY ONE – RDS – Week 4 – $630k – cume $5.8m (forecast $7m)

4. THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL – FOX – Week 7 – $530k – cume $18.9m (forecast $19.5m)

5. ACT OF VALOUR – RDS – Week 1 – $440k (forecast $1.1m)

6. THE HUNGER GAMES – RDS – Week 7 – $410k – cume $30.3m (forecast $30.8m)

7. AMERICAN PIE: RE-UNION – UNI – Week 5 – $325k – cume $14.6m (forecast $14.9m)

8. BATTLESHIP – UNI – Week 4 – $320k – cume $9.6m (forecast $9.9m)

9. 3D BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – DIS – Week 1 –  $210k – cume $401k (forecast $500k)

10. SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN -RDS – Week 5 – $206k – cume $3m (forecast $3.5m)

Figures sourced from RENTRAK, IBOE.