Iceland’s Penis Museum Subject Of New Documentary “The Last Member”

Yes Iceland’s famous Phallic Museum has had a loving documentary made about it’s walls of wangs and although a trailer for the film has yet to surface, it just played HOTDOCS in Canada to rave reviews. It’s short at 75 minutes but whoever said size matters anyway. The documentary:

Meet Sigurdur Hjartarson, the founder and curator of the Icelandic Phallogical Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated to the penis. Receiving a bull penis as a gag gift in the ’70s, something clicked in Sigurdur’s brain and the next thing he knew, he was collecting specimens from any animal he could get his hands on, slowly filling his house with jars of penises of all shapes and sizes, from nearly every creature that walks, swims or flies that you can think of. – Kevin Jagernauth

If that doesn’t say SOLD then I don’t know what does!?!


And yes that is an elephant doodle.