Aza’s 2 Line Review – Superman Batman: Public Enemies (2009) – An Intriguing & Suprisingly Tough Cartoon. A Solid Entertainment!

You know grouping together Superheroes is a bit kitschy in my book – they all have their origin stories which we’re expected to forget to allow them to co-exist in a single universe. In Superman/Batman: Public Enemies this line is blurred but is forgiven for the rather enticing premise that it presents.

In an alternate U.S.A. the economic crisis has destroyed the country and, as fate would have it, Lex Luthor has become President Of The United States. Enlisting as many superheroes as possible to work under him he declares Superman & Batman criminals and places a bounty of $1b on his head. Add to the mix a gigantic kryptonite meteor headed for earth and you’ve got yourself a tense fantastical yarn coming your way.

The animation is top notch and the character arcs are sound – particularly to no-nonsense Batman and his uneasy friendship with Superman is ever present. I got a real kick out of this even if the end sequence is ridiculously over the top.

SUPERMAN BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES is available now on Download, Blu Ray and DVD in Australia.