‘The Lucky One’ Picks Up Where ‘The Vow’ Left Off – #1 Opening Weekend In Aus!

Aussie Scott Hicks new weepie THE LUCKY ONE took the flag with a $2.3m result for the weekend. The Zac Efron starrer, which was supported by a massive national premiere campaign and star tour, managed to edging out the likes of BATTLESHIP and AMERICAN REUNION to reign supreme. The film scored the highest screen average for the weekend on $10.5k. The good news on films like these is that they have staying power, they can play on in cinemas over a longer season and Roadshow, the distributor of the film, has had a really strong history with films like these delivering great results:  DEAR JOHN, THE LAKEHOUSE, THE NOTEBOOK and MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE all turning in great results in Australia.

It’s the 2nd time a romantic drama has really kicked goals this year with Sony’s THE VOW doing fantastic business at the box office down under – raking in $11.2m. Looking ahead we’ve still got some lovin’ to come with THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT, WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING, FRIENDS WITH KIDS, WUTHERING HEIGHTS and RUBY SPARKS all on the way in the next 6 months.

3D STREETDANCE 2 didn’t fair so well, the english 3D dance flick lost ground to an out of holidays play date, and managed a $2,000 screen average.

All in all it was a soft weekend at the box office – which wouldn’t be unexpected as most States shcool holidays had finished.

Congratulations to Aussie SCOTT HICKS for his film THE LUCKY ONE hitting the top of the box office!

Here’s the Aussie Top Ten For Weekend Thursday April 19 – Sunday 22:

1. THE LUCKY ONE – RDS – Week 1 – $2.3m

2. BATTLESHIP – UNI – Week 2 – $2.2m – $7.6m cume

3. AMERICAN RE-UNION – UNI – Week 3 – $1.5m – $12.8m cume

4. THE HUNGER GAMES – RDS – Week 5 – $1.47m – $28.4m cume (WOW!)

5. DR SEUSS’ THE LORAX – UNI – Week 4 – $1.44m – $14.3m cume (Boom!)

6. THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL – FOX – Week 5 – $1.2m – $16.5m cume (Floored! Ahmazing!!!)

7. 3D TITANIC RE-ISSUE – FOX – Week 3 – $980k – $6.1m cume

8. 3D PIRATES! A BAND OF MISFITS -SON – Week 3 – $843k – $5.5m cume

9. MIRROR MIRROR – RDS – Week 4 – $595k – $5.6m cume

10. 21 JUMP STREET – SON – Week 6 – $418k – $14.4m cume (Kaboom!)

Figures sourced from RENTRAK.