Michael Douglas To Star In “Last Vegas” – It’s The Hangover With Old Guys..

Kevin Jagernauth from Indiewire reports:

Michael Douglas has joined “Last Vegas” a comedy in the style of “The Hangover” that Jon Turtletaub (“National Treasure,” “Cool Runnings“) has been cooking up since last fall. Penned by “Crazy Stupid Love” writer Dan Fogleman (with Adam Brooks and Alan Yang doing recent drafts), the story revolves around four 60-something dudes who head to Las Vegas for the bachelor party of the last of their group to get married. (Get the pun!?) Douglas will play a man whose getting hitched to a woman half his age, and gets his buddies out to Nevada for one last blowout. But, he’ll have a beef to settle with one of them over a woman they both loved when they were much younger.

Just as long as he keeps his pants on it’s all fine by me – with Jon Turtletaub involved you can expect this film to be a little more saccharine heavy. Just thinking, if they really went for it, what you’d retitle it as: