Aza’s 2 Line Review – Wrath Of The Titans – Gigantic Greek Gods Vs One Gigantic Bogan. It’s Messy, But Its Fun & Way Better Than The Original!

Straight off the bat this entry is MILES better than the first. But that’s not really very hard since the original is … well… Clash Of The Titans. But the producers of this new instalment went a long way to rectify the problems with the first – they’ve done away with loads of exposition, they’ve done away with character development, hell they’ve even done away with Sam Worthington’s hideous american accent – he’s a flat out, straight outta Cabramatta Bogan in this. and it’s all the more hilarious for it – as everyone else around him is either trying to do reverential thespian English earnest or batshit loony Bill Nighy.

Visually the films effects tower over everything on show. They are flashy and well done, Cronos (a more humanoid version of LOTR’s The Balrog) in particular is exceptionally well done. The digital grading and rendering in the hyper kinetic action sequences are very solid and the only real soft point were the Cyclops for me. But that’s being really picky for no real reason. It’s what you go to these films for – no story – just action.

But there are some peculiar things going on in this film – the overuse of the word “brother”. Perseus to Aries “brother”, Zeus to Poseidon “brother”, Zeus to Hades “Brother”, Hades to Poseidon “Brother”. Every line of dialogue they share features the word brother – it’s almost drinking game worthy material. Also, pretty much the only woman in this testerone boganified manfest is Queen Andromeda and her little despatchable sidekick. They have little, if anything to do of course, because there’s far too much manfesting going on.

It all niftily flies by in 98 minutes, none of it makes any real sense and there’s amples of people reduced to sand. It’s a very abrupt, messy affair and has a want to be more like a THE MUMMY film and it ends as sharply as it starts but it’s not without it’s enjoyment value.

WRATH OF THE TITANS is in general release now in AUSTRALIA.