New Trailer – Tormented

TORMENTED centers on a young boy whose family seems to be falling apart around him. Daigo is a kindhearted boy who is about to turn 10. Then suddenly one day at school, he brutally kills a rabbit in the yard. His mute older sister, Kiriko, is horrified by his abnormal behavior. The situation gets worse when he manifests a dangerous friendship and growing reliance on a stuffed toy rabbit. Night after night, Daigo starts to disappear slipping away into some kind of paranormal world. As the family’s nightmare worsens, the father oddly keeps his silence. The inexplicable death of Daigo’s step-mother from years ago looms like a dark cloud. Slowly they each recognize that they are being tormented by dreams and images from the past. Trying desperately to protect her brother, Kiriko confronts these mysteries on her own. As she inches closer to the shocking truth, it is her life that is in a constant state of jeopardy. – Fortissimo Films