Aza’s 2 Line Review – Man’s Best Friend (1993) – Genetically Engineered Killer Dog Movie. I’m In Heaven.

You know there’s nothing quite like it… Seeing a prosthetic Saint Bernards head devour a cat not long before ripping the throat out of the local mailman who tries to mace you with a pez dispenser that has a projectile force of a garden hose. There really is nothing quite like it. When you add 1993 Lance Henricksen and Ally Sheedy into the mix it’s just all that more enjoyable.

Telling the rather ludicrous tale of an intrepid TV journalist who breaks into an animal testing facility and in the subsequent botch up goes home with a gigantic saint bernard named Max, MAN’S BEST FRIEND is a stupi-comic-horror movie that is the epitome on 90’s horror. Max, you see, has been built from genetically rafting dna from all of natures most fearsome predators into a dog. (?) A dog (?). So of course he can climb trees like a jaguar, camouflage himself like a chameleon and run fater than 3 speeding cop cars and a van.

And it is inherently stupid all the way through – you’ll giggle at the bad effects, silly plot devices and the tongue in cheek sex scenes for both man and man’s best friend.  This is a think tank movie for dumb asses and how incredibly uneven in tone tells you just how silly the film makers knew this was!

MANS BEST FRIEND – I watched it on a VHS tape and I don’t know if it’s out on blu ray yet or if it should be? Hehehe it’s on Youtube in 15 parts so you can watch it there. Check it out – it’s sooo dumb it’s worth it!

I’ve included the famed CAT EATING SCENE to whet your appetite.