New Trailer – The Naked Poet

Produced by Vision In Progress Films, The Naked Poet is the story of a young poet called Lazarus, who explores the difficulty with matters of the heart. When faced with the painful and confusing decision between long term girlfriend Louise and new found love Simone.

Can a man be in love with two women? Can a heart be split in two? Are the sins of the father visited upon the children? These questions and many more are asked, argued and answered in this dramatic thought provoking real to life depiction of middle class urban life.

The narrative is made even more complex for Lazarus when conflicting answers to these questions are brought forward by friends Richard, Martin, Femi and Carl.

Written and Directed by JASON BARRETT this British film starring JASON BARRETT, PETRA LETANG, MICHAEL HARVEY, KYLA FRYE, AML AMEEN, MICHELLE GAYLE, KELLE BRYAN, and MOHAMMED GEORGE, takes us on a roller coaster ride of love, life and friendship. With a heartfelt undertone of poetry, all set to a beautiful London backdrop. –