Am I Out Of Control Or Are Australians A Pack Of Voyeuristic Sadomasochists? A Brainfart On The TV Show THE BIGGEST LOSER.


The Show: A dozen obese people are tortured via extreme exercise situations and humiliated by personal trainers in an effort to make them lose weight for a cash prize.

Anyway you dress that puppy up – it’s a torture show. And man it rates. Consistently in the top ten shows every night it screens – Aussies flock in to see fat people sweat, cry, pine, struggle, exercise, possibly cause themselves irreparable physical injury and wish death upon themselves – all for the entertainment of the masses.

Actually I’d love to get a medical opinion on the show…

I am sure some of us cry when we watch it, some may identify, but there is a niggling under-the-covers-in-the-back-of-your-mind subconscious want to watch people suffer. THE BIGGEST LOSER is about watching people suffer. It’s irrelevant that the ‘goal’ is weight loss and that this show is ‘good for them’ – how good can it be for you to publicly, in front of cameras, stand up and talk yourself down with a microphone and lights blaring on you? Yep we’re gonna take you out onto your street and in front of your family, neighbours and the viewing audience – make you admit you’re a fat bastard and it’s all your fault. Yep that’s healthy – and that’s the start of the show.

That we tune in and watch it so religiously is testament to the fact we enjoy the writhing uncomfortableness of someone facing the weight loss battle. But its not really all that bad when, at the end of every week, they jump on the scales and show how much weight they’ve lost? That makes it all better right? Or does it?

There’s SADOMASOCHISM – or someone who gets gratification from inflicting pain, deprivation or humiliation onto someone else. Is that not what this show does? It allows us, the viewer at home, to knowingly sit back and enjoy watching these “contestants” go through trial after trial for our own viewing pleasure? The bonus for us is that we have no actual responsibility in inflicting any pain on them – but we can’t turn away can we? So aren’t we complicit in the acts? Voyeuristic Sadomasochism? Them there some big words Aza!

There’s a very cool German term SCHAEDENFREUDE – which means deriving pleasure from someone else’s misfortune – and for me, this show wreaks of it.

It’s just a brainfart but I’d love to know what you think… THE BIGGEST LOSER has never sat well with me – the whole concept of it is in poor taste – not that I am rallying against it or saying it should be axed, I stage my protest by refusing to watch it. But does anyone else see the same thing I do when you think about the show?


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