Aza’s 2 Line Review – Blade: The Animated Series Season 1 (2012) – A Cracker. 12 Episodes Of Marvel Infused Anime Bliss!

If you dig Blade you’ll dig this. This first anime style season reboot of the very popular comic book character and film franchise aired the final episode of Season 1 last week to a spectacularly grandiose and blood drenched finale. This series, and indeed the Blade universe, puts vampires back where they belong as monsters feeding on human flesh. There’s no romantic, mopey vamps here – it’s all taste-my-steel-as-you-burst-into-flames-suckhead vamp carnage.

BLADE is on a mission: to rid the world of vampires. His #1 target – the vampire Deacon Frost. Frost fed on his mother prior to his birth, killing her and transforming him into a “Daywalker” half human/half vampire. The rest you can learn as you watch it.

Restoring Deacon Frost from the rock n roll vamp from the 1998 first feature to the both intellectual and physical superior to Blade, this cartoon weaves a multi layered, duplicitous central story that sees many goals of both protagonists being the same. It blurs the lines and, unlike most anime or manga, its not too convoluted as to lose pace in the story or lose what the plot actually is. Blade wants revenge, Deacon Frost wants revenge – and how it all culminates will keep fans and newbies entertained through the 12 x 22 minute episodes of this fledgling season.

I certainly hope there is another season in the works as BLADE: THE ANIMATED SERIES SEASON ONE certainly works and it’s great to see that this intensely late teen/adult fiction doesn’t soften it’s punches as the plot goes along.

BLADE: THE ANIMATED SERIES SEASON ONE can be purchased per episode through AMAZON.COM