New Trailer – Babycall

Noomi Rapace – Single mother Anna moves with her 8 year old son to a big flat with secret address outside Oslo to get away from her violent husband. Anna is scared stiff that they will be found, and is under heavy watch by a couple of child care workers. She get’s the idea of buying a baby call so that her son doesn’t have to sleep in her bed, only to find that the babycall picks up another troubled child somewhere in the flat. She meets shopkeeper Helge again when she complains about the baby call, and finds comfort in this shy guy which obviously also has a troubled past.

Anna is really on the edge, and maybe her imagination is playing her as well!? We follow Anna as she tries to hide out in her new flat, taking small steps into society only to feel threaten by anything that shows up onher doorstep. Is she imagining that someone is hurting a child somewhere in the big flat? –