He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe Are Coming Back!

MTV Geek let it slip last friday that indeed HE-MAN & THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE are re-launching in comic book land in a part comic book series.

That’s right: the skull faced arch-enemy of He-Man has figured out a way to rewrite the reality of Eternia, casting himself as the ruler of Castle Grayskull, and our heroes – including He-Man – as regular peasants with no memory of their previous life. And while simple woodsman Adam may dream of wielding a massive sword, and fighting in battles, he thinks they’re just dreams. That is, until a mysterious sorceress approaches him, and sends him on an epic journey to save all of Eternia. – MTV Geek

The story is being written by James Robinson and will hit shelves later this year.

What does this all mean for Film and TV – well there’s been a lot of rumours about a reboot of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE for film and this would be a great way to litmus test the strength of the audience. Fans and film buffs alike pretty much rejected the 1986 film adaptation of the cartoon series (you can watch it on YouTube) and what with the unstoppable groundswell of serious comic book adaptations winning it big at the box office this could be a big hit waiting to happen!

The full MTV Geek article can be found here: http://geek-news.mtv.com/2012/04/06/dc-comics-he-man-masters-of-the-universe-comic/