Nicole Kidman To Play Grace Kelly in ‘Grace Of Monaco’

In what is something of a shock for me Nicole Kidman has landed the role of Grace Kelly in Olivier Dahan’s new film ‘Grace Of Monaco’. Dahan’ last biopic ‘La Vie En Rose’ launched Marion Cotillard and scored her an Oscar so the picture is certianly in esteemed hands. The script, by THE EXPATRIATE scribe Arash Amal, is focussing on a specific moment in Kelly’s life rather than an overview flick from birth to death.

The story is set during 1962 when the city-state of Monaco got into a heated dispute with France, which had grown tired of the small principality being a tax haven. Charles De Gaulle gave Kelly’s husband Prince Rainer III six months to change his tax laws, and she maneuvered behind the scenes to save Monaco from a coup. – Kevin Jagernauth

Can Kidman pull it off? Will this be Oscar hopeful #2 for her?

No word on production start as yet – will keep you posted as more comes to light.