New Fan Film – Mega Man X (Olan Rogers & A $700 Budget = WINNER)

Guys, this is what a $700, yes $700, budget and a love of a game can produce. Olan Rogers – you’ve done a fantastic job with no money and this shows what you can do. The Lowdown Under is a HUGE fan of new talent and keep your eyes peeled on this guy! Where I find it and get to showcase these kinds of shorts I always will! THIS IS FANTASTIC STUFF! Thanks to slashfilm for the heads up.

MEGA MAN X is a video game from way back.

This from the youtube page:

The beginning part of the video is a message Dr.Light records over 100 years ago, his lab is now abandoned. As the camera moves into the capsule you see a still running testing parameter where Mega Man X fights a hologram or drone in the form of Protoman. The reason I chose to use Protoman, was for the mystery surrounding him it’s never officially said what happens to him. So after this test ends with a charged blast from X he faces a choice to kill but he chooses to show mercy, After which a hologram appears telling him that his testing is done. What isn’t seen is who brought him out of the capsule which of course is Dr.Cain, maybe for another time. 🙂

This isn’t a perfect video I understand this, this is all independently made I didn’t have a lot of money but I decided to do it anyway I had 700 dollars, two green sheets, an amazing prop maker, two actors who worked for free because I didn’t have enough money to pay them, they still gave 110% and one awesome friend who busted his butt on the animation side. Thank you for taking the time to watch and for your support. I HOPE!!!! I did this game justice!