Aza’s 2 Line Review – Dolly Dearest (1992) – Evil Mexican Doll. Hilariously Bad In Everyway – A Must See!

From lousy production design, to bad direction and woeful effects DOLLY DEAREST was the femme skew competitive picture to Don Mancini’s hit franchise CHILD’S PLAY. The concepts are pretty much the same, in DOLLY DEAEREST a murderous ancient evil spirit inhabits the body of a doll and torments an unsuspecting American family and in CHILD’S PLAY a dying serial killer possesses a Good Guy doll and terrorises a small boy and his mother.

Whereas as CHILD’S PLAY actually had some great moments and solid work behind it – DOLLY DEAREST doesn’t – the cutaway scenes where the doll is running around is so obviously a little girl is burst out laughable, the marionette work is half-assed and the performances from the cast are so stilted  I was pissing myself laughing throughout. This is a goldmine of entertainment.

There’s something about watching crappy horror films that I just love and this one is the perfect epitome of what I mean – it’s rubbish – and for that you should put it on your list to see.

DOLLY DEAREST – it’s on YouTube in 7 parts.