Titanic 3D Rolls Out In America To Solid Results – $30m Easter Holiday Predicted

I’m still a bit unsure about re-releases, some are unbelievable in how they perform like the U.S. results for THE LION KING, some are less impressive like the E.T. reissue. TITANIC 3D seems like a no brainer, releasing it on the 100th Anniversary of the actual event all spruced up and with a new 3D dress on – the film looks like a solid investment..

And it is. The film released yesterday in the United States (opens today here) and Nikki Finke over at deadline reports, based on the preliminary figures from the midnights and matinee sneak screenings held on Tuesday:

Today the film releases into 2,674 dates, including 79 IMAX theaters, and Paramount is ”still feeling good” about its projection of $20M-$22M for the first five days of release. Rival studios are expecting $25M-$30M. That more than covers the cost of the 3D conversion, which was overseen by James Cameron and his producing partner Jon Landau, and completed by Stereo D, at a cost of approximately $18M. – Nikki Finke, Deadline.

How will Australia react to the re-issue. Come back tomorrow kids and I’ll tell you!

TITANIC 3D opens in Cinemas across AUSTRALIA today